The Original Stories

Book One: Evolution
The story begins. A young hydreigon, desperate to prove himself stronger than anyone else, is the first in a highly ambitious experiment to turn Pokemon into hybrid humans. Blaming his old team for his own shortcomings, he drags them along and enacts his revenge by turning them all human and ripping them away from the life they knew and loved. By the end of it all, he realizes that he was barely ever a player in something that was started, many, many years ago.

Book Two: Acceptance
Three years after the events at the end of Evolution, the hybrids have begun to accept their new life and even settle in. Aidan, however, is still seeking revenge on Ferrovax, before the power-hungry hydreigon man can hurt anyone else. As they run into (or rather, she runs into them) a young human hybrid of unknown origin, he realizes his fears might just be true. When Aidan and Ferrovax, now called CT, finally cross paths, Aidan comes to understand that he's not the same dragon he used to be. Together, they form an unlikely alliance as they save CT's son from an even greater evil.

Book Three: Unity. Part 1, Family
In progress. When CT and Lasciel find out that Maggie's family has filed for bankruptcy, they know they have to step in to save their old home. However, Maggie becomes suspicious and furious that the very company that kidnapped her pokemon has just bought her family's daycare, she decides to go to Unova and meet this CT Blackstone fellow, in person. Who she finds, is somebody very familiar. CT and Lasciel agree it's finally time to tell her the truth, and let her in on what really happened to her old team. Just as she finally begins to accept this strange new world, they discover an unusual new battle arena, featuring humans dressed as Pokemon. Though the fights are advertised and believed to be staged, CT realizes the reality: somebody else is creating hybrids. The twist, is they aren't Pokemon at all, but rather humans that were given Pokemon abilities and powers. 

Book Four: Unity. Part 2, Mystery
Not yet started In a direct sequel to Family, Maggie and Aidan agree that the best way to find out more about the souped up humans is for them to infiltrate from the inside. CT, Aidan and Lilith sign up to compete, and just as they start to make progress, CT's history before Maggie, comes into light as he faces off against an opponent he never wanted to see, again. He decides this whole plan was a bad idea, and taps out. Lilith, however, with the help of the eccentric Naga, make some discoveries of their own. Clues as to who's really behind the human-based hybrids, other horrible experiments, and the real identity of the mysterious Michael Hugh.

Book Five: Unity. Part 3, Assimilation
Not yet started. The third and final book in the Harmony trilogy. After the disaster in the arena, there's no doubt now that hybrids are real and the world is changing. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board. Many are divided on whether or not to accept these new creatures; segregation has caused many hybrid rebellions to form, causing tensions to grow even further. Naga's hot-tempered brother, Ziggy, leads one of the largest rebellions, right in CT's home of Castelia. Naturally, he sees it as war and a challenge to his authority and status in the city. While they've been largely unsuccessful in discovering who's making the new hybrids, now they must deal with an entirely new threat while accepting the reality that they can no longer freely walk amongst normal humans, without being labeled as freaks.

Book Six: Endgame
Not yet started. In the final story, Nico, now thirteen, is fully invested in becoming a Pokemon trainer, and has mastered his own abilities. He, along with Penelope, even help train younger hybrid children, in Aidan's dojo. Danny and Drake have started showing signs of untold power, which most definitely has not gone unnoticed. One fateful summer, the two troublemakers decide to go exploring, leaving Nico and Penny to follow. They all agree that it's okay to take a break from training, and simply have some fun in an old abandoned building. What they find when they go inside, however, is not what they see on the outside. The entire building appears to be an illusion, and battles are going on inside unlike any normal Pokemon battle. People are shouting, waving money, and the Pokemon were much more violent than any legal battle should be. They also didn't look like normal Pokemon. These were fusions...two strong Pokemon combined into one powerhouse of a creature, and they were fighting each other to the brink of death. What they discover, is who's been pulling the strings the entire time; and Drake discovers he's a lot closer than anyone ever realized.