The Cast  -  Original Stories



The story started in 2012, and we're still coming up with new ideas! It started off as a(n ex-friend) and myself, inserting ourselves into the Pokemon world and creating a story for our in-game team. The story has been re-written several times since then, and I'm finally comfortable releasing it to the public, in comic form! Now, you may be asking yourself, what does Jathemon even mean?? That has to do with the original crew. It consisted of several friends, Jason, Amber, Tim, and Hannah. While the others have gone their separate ways, I felt it only right to keep the original name as a tribute to the origins of the story. Jathemon is still far from a one-man show, and I in no way take full credit for any of it. The crew may have changed, but the ultimate morals of the stories still remain the same.


As for the stories themselves, they focus primarily on CT Blackstone, a hydreigon whose violent tendencies got him much more than he bargained for. He starts out as a weak deino, and ends up as a human with a new way of channeling his temper: science and revenge. Though the stories are short, I hope the messages are clear. Many of these stories were, and still are, written when I was in a deep depression and the characters most definitely reflect that. They go through the five stages of grief, and my hope in sharing these stories is for people who went through similar turmoil can connect with the characters and think, it's okay to be angry. It's okay to forgive. People change, and so does the world.


Thanks for reading!

- Moe